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One question most people fail to ask themselves is “when I retire what next?” Most people would say “my pension would be there so I really don’t get to worry”. But what happens when the pension doesn’t come as at when due? What if you get retrenched from work before retirement what becomes of you after the savings has been far spent?

Farming is a profitable means of diversifying your income stream. It could be capital intensive which is why you have to start now that you can make all the investment. But the return on investment (ROI) is alarming. Let’s use snail farming as an instance:

For instance,you stocked 1000 snails and each snail is a potential egg layer because they are hermaphrodites. Each snail will lay up to 10 times a year that’s each snail lays over 100 eggs in a year. At the end of a year, your 1000 snails multiplies to 100000 snails and the cost of feeding these snails is quite meagre.

Farming can also generate monthly revenue for you: let’s use poultry as an instance;

Laying hens: these birds start laying after six months. Let’s say you stock 2000 birds after 6 months you will get 53 crates daily and in a week you have 371 crates. Once they start laying, they start feeding themselves in the sense that the money from the sales of egg would be used to feed them.

When you already have this laid down, you can retire without stress.

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